Way of minimizing applications onto system tray

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I don’t fully understand what you mean by “minimizing in the tray”. But it may well be that you would prefer another desktop environment like KDE. But that should be discussed in a separate thread as this on is for XFCE.

Hi @Sforg

I understand that you want some application launchers in the xfce top bar (also named the Panel or the task bar).

I suggest you try the items #1 and #2 of the follow post (about Launcher):

Also I suggest you try the Whisker menu.

Thanks for your replies and suggestions!

I love KDE, but sometimes is a mess make everything work. So now, that I’m using Qubes for about a month I’m preferring to keep XFCE for better stability. I used to call system tray (systray…tray sorry for abbreviation) the section of the taskbars in Windows or Linux that is used to display the icons of certain programs and notification. I see that here in the panel is called notification area. Sorry if my english lead to a misleading

I don’t want some application launcher in panel, rather I’d like a way to minimize in the notification area some application which I’ve opened, with the purpose to have more space in the panel.
Not all applications include it among the possibilities, I was wondering if there was a little program or an option of qubes to do it.
That’s why I gave the example of kdocker, it meets this need, but I can accept that there is not a counterpart for XFCE, just curious :slight_smile:

Hi @Sforg,

Me, I don’t get to know a such generic tool for XFCE, which doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist… I suggest you explore the XFCE reference site (projects, wiki, …).

Or just use KDocker itself:

The Readme.md : “Works for both KDE and GNOME (In fact it should work for most modern window managers that support NET WM Specification. I believe it works for XFCE, for instance)

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Some applications like signal, hexchat, telegram do minimize to the system tray when you close them. But that’s because they’re designed to do that (generally chat applications).

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