WARNING: Sum of all thin volume sizes (<1.63 TiB) exceeds the size of thin pools and the size of the whole volume group (<237.47 GiB)

Is there any way to reduce the sum of all thin volume sizes?

Other related information:

free space in thin pool qubes_dom0/pool00 reached threshold

Path: /dev/mapper/qubes_dom0-pool00

Segment type: thin-pool
Free space: -1.03 TiB
Space used: 1.24 TiB

Size: 218.34 GiB

one thing I noticed is that lvm2 creates both the volume and a backup which is a snapshot of the
volume; this duplicates the volume and takes up significant space

the backup files are listed as:

root, root-snap, private, back, volatile

not sure which of these is safe (or not) to delete

This seems relevant:

I don’t think this warning indicates any problem in a Qubes OS context. Over-provisioned storage is normal.

I think the root cause of it is the duplicate files that lvm2 creates. There is a direct backup for every template and appVM