Warning dom0 not restricted

I am attempting reinstall on Alienware 15 skylake with 16 GB RAM and installing on M2 412 GB using Qubes 4.1 RC4.

I have yet to finish Qubes OS Setup.

I have a partition on the one terabyte drive that has Windows 10.
Alienware has some odd UEFI. used to keep OS on both drives. I thought I had that turned off.

Anyone want more information? How do I get that?

I still don’t get your explaination, just tell what you want first.

I saw something similar yesterday.

When booting up the installer before GUI starts, this warning comes
Warning dom0 not restricted

PS: explanation instead of explaination @51lieal

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Can’t find post with Warning dom0 not restricted and i don’t know what this mean.

looks like the word are already rooted in my brain :smile:

" 51lieal


I still don’t get your explaination, just tell what you want first."

You make a good point. I did not explain what I saw very well. I had hoped someone would recognize the error message and respond quickly.

This is a message, an error message I saw during the early stages of install of Qubes 4.1 RC4. This message may not indicate anything of any importance.

I told the Install to reformat the M.2 (400 GB) and to reclaim space. I enter a passphrase for disk Encryption. An account name, and passphrase. I recognize as I type this, that I probably should not have been using an external USB Optical Mouse.

The Install does the format of the drive. I see an Error message flash by -something about Floppy not found. Which seems reasonable to me.

Then I see the message in question: “Warning dom0 not restricted”

Like the message “Floppy not found” which is only part of that message, it also says where that message comes from. This message may mean nothing at this stage. It might be an artifact of the UEFI for Alienware 15 R2 Firmware. Which might be of big significance, but probably I can not do anything about the Firmware of the BIOS/UEFI of this computer. (I am installing in ‘Legacy mode.’ While not a great idea, I have left on the computer 1 TB spinning drive a copy of Windows 10. I am not ready to completely convert away from Windows 10 at this time. And I am only trying to test Qubes.

Later this after noon, unless someone comes by and offers a solid explanation of what this means, I will try to do the install again, and tr;y a few different things. One not having the USB Optical Mouse plugged in. Also to completely Format the M.2 before I start install, on the odds that will cause a new boot to be written.

If you are not familiar with Alienware. It was supposedly a laptop meant for gamers (a mistake as a laptop is not fast enough to compete - from what I read. Also on a plugged in fast connection) Alienware comes with lights of different colors underneath the Touch Pad and different areas of the keyboard, and around the edges of the computer, which are select-able from inside Windows 10. That programming requires some unique additions to the Firmware. Kids love the colors, and programming the flashing of lights when different events happen. The company which owns Alienware _ Dell, of course never intended Linux to ever be used on this computer. Obviously, gaming used to be only run on Windows 10.

As I said, unless someone comes along and offers an explanation. Later today (I am in central USA, and it is early morning) I will again do Install and see what Error Messages occur.

Sorry I seemed Obtuse.

using usb directly is not recommended in qubes, but for me it’s fine, i use qubes os in my laptop to do production not saving important files.

I’m really curious what restricted mean here, resricted to what. :thinking:

it’s good that you want to give it a try, i think there’s no problem, just go dual boot with windows and learn qubes.

did the 2 warning you mention, causes you cannot boot ? this is what i don’t understand.

as per my understanding “gaming” or “whatever” is it, is just a gimmick to raise a value of “stuff”, like “gaming chair”, my pc is lenovo legion and it’s a “gaming” version, but i don’t buy that because it’s for gaming. At that time, legion achieved the best cooling system, and i believe it happen to alienware too.

No worries.