Wacom Pen and Touchscreen

I’m on a Lenovo Flex 14API, it comes standard with a Wacom Pen and touchscreen. The whole thing is designed to fold and become a tablet. So its a laptop tablet hybrid according to their description.

One issue I have is that the software isn’t receiving any of the Pen’s features such as tilt, pressure sensitivity, or even the extra buttons.

I have installed both available fedora packages with ‘wacom’ in their names. libwacom.x86_64 and kcm_wacomtablet.x86_64. Neither of them have made a difference. Although kcm_wacometablet was able to identify the pen and even activate/deactivate it at will.

When using the Krita software’s features, I discovered that I could adjust the touchscreen sensitivity. It could receive differences of pressure on the touchscreen. Despite that, the software itself was not adjusting the brush stroke size to match the pressure of the tablet. I had edited the active brush settings accordingly.

Is there anyone that can help me with this issue? If anyone is willing to work with me to improve the sensitivity functionality. It would mean so much to me and potentially help so many artists in general.

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