VPN Qube Config

I need some support with the Qube setup.
My current connection is as follows:

Does the order make sense at all, since I want to set up an Onion Over VPN connection?
Currently I can’t connect to the Tor network with the VPN. I set up a Fedora 34 as a template and 2 VPN protocols manually (NL and CH, both TCP).

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Instead “over” I always tend to use “through”. To me, it sound much clearer.
Nevertheless, can you please explain what kind of qube “tor” is, and anyway why did you set anon-whonix as its netVM? To me, this looks absolutely confusing.
If you wanted tor through VPN , then sys-whonix and vpn qube should switch chain positions and then to use either anon-whonix, or even better, whonix-ws based disposable at the end.

This should be the correct chain for Tor over VPN case:
sys-net → sys-firewall → vpn-nordvpn → sys-whonix → anon-whonix → Tor

I think he means Tor Browser in anon-whonix.
Would this be correct @Kencho ?

yes correct

Then it’s what I stated.

Now I see @tzwcfq did the same, but I’d rather use tor browser in disposable whonix-ws-dvm based qube.