VM Update Won't Update, But

The Updater is showing errors updating the qube. But if I load the qube template, and run the update thru the template terminal, I don’t get any errors.

Re-running the updater afterward, it doesn’t seem to recognize the update done manually in the appVM.

Anyone know what’s causing this, and the fix?

Hi Em,

have this also from time to time (via Qubes Updater). Did you check, if the updater (at least) did some of the updates? In the result section I always have 1 of 2 failed (Debian) messages and 3 of 6 failed (Fedora) messages. In such cases I always run the Qubes Updater a second time so it often will update the previous failed ones too… Orange star is gone then.
Earlier (in my qubes life) I also always did manual updates, but I didn’t do this in the meantime any more. Always try to solve such with the qubes updater - even if I have to restart the machine/or restart the whonix-gw (my updater qube) between updates to get them finally solved…

Yes, it could be really a pain in the arse, but I pressure myself to get it finally working with the qubes updater, than the manual update.

Two possibilities:

  1. When you wrote “appVM,” you actually meant “template.” In that case, did you remember to shut down the template first?

  2. When you wrote “appVM,” you really meant it. In that case: That’s not how Qubes works. Changes to app qubes don’t reverse-propagate back to the templates on which they’re based. This would allow an infected app qube to infect its parent template, which is forbidden by the Qubes security model.


To remove the flag on e.g. debian-11: qvm-features debian-11 updates-available --unset

I misspoke. I meant template.