VM portability?

One of my vms ran out of space during backups. Cant start it and cant start other VMs like sys-net. I could delete the vm to free space but would lose data. So I want to copy it somehow to another qubes OS with more hd space.

Are the VMs portable?

you can make a backup:

Qube Manager > System > Backup Qubes

you can select which Qubes you want to backup

to restore the Qube on the other Qubes OS:

Qube Manager > System > Restore Qubes from Backup

you can select wich Qube included in the backup you want to restore, if there allready is a Qube with the same name, the restored qube will automatically be renamed.

You can mount your broken Qubes OS drive in working Qubes OS qube and copy the needed files like this:

Thanks for the help I will take note of this so I know next time. Unfortunately I was too pressed for time to figure out recovery and had to delete the vm since no vms could start (out of space)