View dom0's software "Help" pages online

How to view dom0’s software “Help” pages online? For example I don’t know how to configure something in Clock app as I don’t know syntax, when I click “Help” it wants me to open it with a browser but I don’t have browser in dom0 and dom0 is not connected to the internet for security reasons. I can’t export the link for the online manual from the GUI of that Clock app, too. Any ideas?

AFAIK its the XFCE clock app. It doesn’t know it’s not connected to the net, because it’s part of XFCE rather than Qubes. I think this is the document you need: xfce:xfce4-panel:clock [Xfce Docs].

The syntax is a mix of Pango (for markup) and the date format you can see by reading man date in dom0

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Do this:

qvm-run -p --service --dispvm=default-dvm qubes.OpenURL

Then type/paste your website address and press enter.

Or do this:

qvm-run -p --service --dispvm=default-dvm qubes.OpenURL <<<

You can change the default-dvm to whonix-workstation-17-dvm or other dvm template.

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I have been thinking about this. Proper fix for the above request would be creating a bash script with qubes.OpenURL RPC call to default_dispvm, accepting URL as argument. Then a .desktop file is needed to utilize the bash script. Desktop entry in AppMenu->Settings->Qubes Tools or Other categories (or just hidden). Finally registered with xdg-settings as default-web-browser. I wonder why it is not done before. I will try to test it and will come up with the result. Hopefully tomorrow.


This is the approach I use to create desktop URL shortcuts because, at the moment, everything on the desktop belongs to dom0, but they have fixed targets. I wonder if there’s any security implications of your more general scripted approach.

I do not think so. Qubes Global Config GUI uses the exact approach to open its online help.

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