Video drivers and reboot loops

Hello to all!

I’m trying to fix a computer I was trying to install video drivers on. I was recommended to install the generic drivers from intel as it is the integrated graphics built into a Toshiba satellite C75.

During some fiddling, I attached the the VGA Intel Graphics device to Sys-net, forced a reset in the PCI, applied it and turned on Firefox in personal, and naturally… black screen…

Sys-net starts and seemingly takes it over.
So I thought… hard reset ought to do it, as long as I get into the system before Sys-net boots and start up terminal… and I can’t even get into it at all.

EDIT(submitted too soon): LUKS let’s me enter the password and the bar loads to around 3/4 and the computer completely reboots. How can I get back in? Suggestions?

  • Press esc before you enter the LUKS password.
  • Enter the LUKS password
  • What are the error messages on the screen?

Or you can just reinstall Qubes OS.

I don’t think you should attach the VGA Intel Graphics device to sys-net. Why did you try to install video driver in the first place? I think the linux kernel already has the i915 driver for dealing with intel’s integrated gpu.

Specification of the laptop seems to say it has a i5-4200M gpu, which has intel HD Graphics 4600. Is that correct?

You can open a dom0 terminal and run sudo dmesg | grep "i915" to check if there is anything wrong with the i915 driver. If you can’t get into the graphical environment, try alt-ctrl-f2 and use the virtual console.

Try to boot with qubes.skip_autostart option so sys-net won’t start: