Video card for sys-gui-gpu

I am considering to build a new Qubes Workstation for my personal use to play around a little with the gui-vm. Are there any dedicated GPUs that are more likely to work?

As far as I understand I will only need GPU-passthrough and not the potentially very expensive MxGPU functionality.
Unfortunately I could not find any recent documentation of the Xen Project which video cards are expected to work. The hardware compatibility list of the Citrix Hypervisor lists only expensive Enterprise cards. The Xen-based XCP-ng project however tells that “AMD chips will work perfectly”.

I was considering an entry level AMD Radeon Pro, because they are marketed as “optimized for open source software”, which could make it easier to troubleshoot occuring problems.

Of course I am aware that the gui-vm is work in progress and will require to play around – potentially a whole lot. I am happy for any hints and recommendations that you can make regarding that very experimental feature of Qubes and will absolutely not blame you, if I would have bought something that will not work.

I think the entry level card should be fine if it’s already well supported by Linux. Please note I’ve succeeded sys-gui-gpu with integrated Intel but also with NVIDIA GTX 960M. This is also thank to latest xen-4.14.


Do you want to write some kind of tutorial or write some points what did you do ?

I have also intel and nvidia, and I am trying for a half year to compile it.
Can send you some Bitcoins as a reward.


@fepitre Thanks for your encouraging hints! I think a will buy an entry level Radeon Pro to try this out.

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I would probably help into doing the sys-gui(-gpu) documentation as we already have spread few hints among several discourse threads.




Probably because I would need to allocate more than 10-12 hours per day of work on 7/7 days on my current schedule? :wink:

If you allocate 1 hour per day you will be done in a month :innocent:

that sounds fine. I am running an integrated intel, too and two NVIDIA GTX 980M sli in my notebook, but don’t know how to get it working. sys-gui-gpu is installed, but like I told in an other thread it don’t start .And my sys-gui-gpu is installed on a fedora-33-xfce template. Don’t know if that is okay, or I need the 32-xfce. But the fedora-33-xfce is not my main template and I don’t know why it selected this instead of the 32-xfce at installing. And of course I need attach my video cards to the sys-gui-gpu formula first or? , but there I am stucked ,too and don*t know how to do it;) I will be very thankful for your help,too. But never stress you and answer, if u have the time!

Is there already a topic or anybody that got sys-gui-gpu with nvidia working, too?