Ventoy 1.0.89: 4.1.2 works, 4.2.0rc5 does not

After an enormous amount of head scratching, working with an HP Z420, two USB sticks, and two 250GB SSDs:

  • Ventoy 1.0.89 + 4.1.2 = install works
  • Ventoy 1.0.89 + 4.2.0rc5 = does not work

I used this one line script to write 4.2.0rc5 to a thumb drive and then the install works fine.

dd if=$1 of=$2 status=progress bs=1048576 conv=fsync

Do I need to rerun the Ventoy+rc5 and share results so developers can look at this? Or will the expedient “don’t use Ventoy” be the decision?

Hi @nealr,

what were the values of $1 and $2 when you ran the command?

Even if you don’t attempt the entire installation again, describing what error(s) you saw, or what you mean by “does not work” would certainly help.

Those are the two files that I used, $2 is whatever the USB device happens to be, which can vary on my system - sometimes /dev/sde, sometimes /dev/sdf.

6166675456 Qubes-R4.1.2-x86_64.iso
6456834048 Qubes-R4.2.0-rc5-x86_64.iso

I’m finishing the install of 4.2.0rc5 I intend to use for work. Once it’s complete I’ll have a go at a Ventoy/4.2.0rc5 install and make notes on the failure mode.

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I installed Ventoy 1.0.89 on a USB stick and then copied R4.2.0rc5 to the device.

I booted the workstation and it proceeds to the Installation Summary. The Software section shows the yellow exclamation point in both the Installation Source and the Software Selection. The Installation Source reports “Error setting up base repository”. If I click through to that this is what I see, if I choose Verify and return there are still the yellow exclamation point errors, but I get gray text saying “Setting up installation source” rather than the red error text.

If I go into any of the other setup options, such as Keyboard or Language Support, when I return the red text is back. I go into Installation Source, pick Verify, it seems to work, when I back out it’s back to the yellow exclamation point.

So … when booting from Ventoy 1.0.89 with 4.1.2, the install procedure can get its files from the ISO. When doing this with 4.2.0rc5, the content of the ISO is not available.

I was able to exactly reproduce as described. Qubes 4.1 works with Ventoy (popular FOSS Multiboot USB software), Qubes 4.2 final release not. Another user here suspected that Qubes installation is searching for a wrong device label.

Ventoy doesn’t seem to be aware of this issue. Hence it would be helpful, if developers could confirm the underlying error cause, and what the installation wizard is expecting exactly as label, so we might forward it as Ventoy GitHub issue.

Also I’d appreciate any workaround. The only alternative I am seeing now is to prepare an extra USB stick just for Qubes as usual.

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Getting the final to work with Ventoy would be good. This weekend I am trying to make a restoration USB and I’d completely forgotten I can’t use Ventoy with Qubes 4.2.0

I have brought it to longpanda’s attention: