Vanguards removed?


i was using qubes for a while until my system “went bad” so i did a reinstall. In the reinstall i noticed, that my circuits only use one guard and there is no “show vanguard logs” entry in the start menu as it used to be. After a short inspection i figured, that vanguards isn’t installed in the whonix-gw-15.

So this raises a question for me:

Was vanguards even installed in my first installation?
If so: Why isn’t it in the new installation?

I kinda like the vanguards concept and would love to have it installed. If someone has a quick instruction on how to set it up, that would be great. Otherwise i think i will figure it out and write one myself.

Tahnks for You help!

If nobody is able to provide an answer on this forum, it may be worth trying on the whonix forum:

This problem has been solved with updates.

The version shipped with the Qubes 4.1 installer does not have vanguards, but when updating all works fine.