Using i3 in sys-gui

I’ve installed the sys-gui domain using the ‘compromise’ option salt formula.
So, no GPU passthrough or anything like that. It works fine, but I want it to use i3wm or awesomewm
instead of Xfce. I tried installing i3 in dom0 as per the official instructions, but that doesn’t come up
as an option at the login screen for sys-gui. How do I do this?

disclaimer: I’ve never tried sys-gui or sys-gui-gpu.

Since sys-gui handles all the display-related tasks, I think i3wm should be installed there?


The biggest problem is that it still keeps clutter (in the form of drivers and X Server) in dom0 — much less clutter given that huge libraries and desktop environments no longer need to live there, but still clutter.

IIUC, desktop environments are no longer installed in dom0 but in sys-gui.