Users can still delete the original post (when no replies are given)

Continuing the discussion from SOLVED: "File Manager Pops Up On It's Own While I Was Sleeping":

So you are @j0eseph previously posting “Something Very Strange Happened”?

Here my answer to you that bounced from the system because you deleted your original post after the mailing list mode sent the mail but before I sent the answer:

Chill @j0eseph:

I fell asleep at the computer, and when I woke up, I saw that the dom0 thunar file manager was on my screen!

…all it takes is a right click on the desktop and selecting the first entry “Open In a New Window”. With a trackpad you could easily have done this while being asleep.

I am writing this for two reasons:

  1. @ThoughtCriminal if it’s somehow an issue for you that others know that you are @j0eseph – you should know that after 10 minutes posts are sent via email to whomever switched email notifications or mailing list mode on in the forum. When you then delete your original post, change your ID and post again about the same issue it is obvious to anyone receiving email updates that you are the same person.

  2. @deeplow … you already explained that users can delete their posts if no one has answered yet and that you see no option in the software to avoid that. But allowing users to do that, AFTER the emails went out really seems like a bug to me. Do you have contacts at Discourse who could look into that and help us?

This situation doesn’t help anybody. It frustrates email users and gives forum users a false sense of control / safety. It really is the worst possible state.

I know, I’m a new user as you probably know and I was just dissatisfied with my credentials, so I created a new user name and avatar to suit me. So I figured, I’d better change them now, in the beginning! Thanks for your reply.

Note: here on discourse you can always change you username, password, email address and everything else. So there’s no need to recreate your account. Also ThoughCriminal is a very cool name :wink: (reminds me of Moxie’s blog:

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