USB memory for reliable installation of QUBES OS

When I write the ISO image to a USB memory and try to boot it from my computer, it doesn’t recognize the QUBES OS and just goes straight to the Windows screen. This is despite the fact that all the necessary conditions are met, such as turning off the virtual environment, UEFI, and secure boot. The USB memory I used is a KIOXIA LU301W064GG4. I was able to boot it with the KLU202A016GL from the same manufacturer, but I couldn’t install it because it was 16GB.

The PC I used is a Toshiba dynabook B35/D.

Is there a USB memory that will boot on any computer? I’d like to know the product name.

I used the exact memory from the same manufacturer to install Qubes OS on my machine. The problem you are facing might not be from the USB Flash Memory. But rather the software you are using to write the ISO on it. Or the BIOS settings. Since you rule-out issues with the BIOS settings, I am suspicious of the software used to write the ISO to the Flash Drive. What did you use? Rufus? Balena Etcher?