USB Headphones not working after creating sys-usb

I have a pair of wireless USB headphones and these were working out of the box since I installed qubes however now I have created a sys-usb qube to allow one of my qubes to access a specific USB device. A side effect of doing this is that dom0 no-longer has my headphones and so there is no sound.

In the device attach GUI it lists all the qubes apart from dom0 as options to attach it to. I tried to attach it to the qube producing audio however that didn’t work. I then bypassed the no dom0 limitation by running:

qvm-usb attach dom0 sys-usb:x

Now when I go to the attach device menu it shows that the USB headset is connected to dom0, however there is no sign of it being available in PulseAudio.

I don’t really want to revert fully and remove the sys-usb as I still need it to pass the other USB device to one of my qubes however it’s annoying to have no audio because of this.

Does anyone know how I can fix this?

Ok I think doing qvm-usb attach dom0 is actually doing nothing. Seems it’s not possible to attach USB devices to dom0 via sys-usb. Wondering what the alternatives are.

This may be only tangentially related, but as a matter of deliberate security policy once a USB device is detatched from dom0 and given to some other qube (like sys-usb), it will not automatically go back to dom0 when that other qube shuts down. It could conceivably be manually re-attached, but that’s very strongly discouraged, for security reasons (i.e., the USB device has been attached to something a lot less trusted and shouldn’t be reconnected to dom0, which is the one thing on your system you absolutely cannot survive being hacked).

Why would you attach them to dom0 anyway? Create sys-audio and you’d be on the go, most probably.