USB external display (Framework laptop)

Hi Everyone,
I’m testing Qubes on a new Framework laptop (intel Raptor lake). HCL coming soon, but in a nutshell, 4.2rc1 with latest kernel works great out of the box (except for external display and suspend, and so far I had to disable UEFI boot security).
The HDMI connector on the Framework laptop is connected through a USB port, so it is isolated and doesn’t just work out of the box like a typical HDMI connector. Is there a good way to use an external display in this setup?
Maybe creating sys-GUI and having this external USB port routed to it automatically?
Is there a better setup than using the Framework HDMI connector?
Anyone using a framework laptop figured it out yet?

I have the 12th Gen and in order to get sleep/resume to work, I had to modify the grub.cfg.

  1. sudo nano /etc/default/grub in dom0
  2. Add mem_sleep_default=deep to the end of GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX
  3. Run sudo grub2-mkconfig -o /book/grub2/grub.cfg

Hopefully that works for you.

(edit): sleep works now - thank you!

Did you happen to get an external display to work?

I’m not sure how the USBs are designed on this laptop, but if you have multiple USB controllers, you could follow something like this to allow a specific USB controller to be mounted in dom0.

The GRUB configuration on my Framework 13, 13th Gen, Intel is NOT at this location on Qubes 4.1.2. I have tested this extensively.

The location is boot/efi/EFI/qubes/grub.cfg, in case anyone finds this and the above does not work.

My guide for a Framework 13, 13th Gen Intel laptop on Qubes 4.1.2: Framework Laptop 13th Gen, Intel.

EFI and Legacy Boot grub are not located in the same directory in 4.1. Both are unified in Qubes 4.2 now.

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