USB-Ethernet adapter problems

Is there a definitive list of supported USB to Ethernet adapters for Qubes-OS 4.1.1 ??
My laptop does not have a built in Ethernet jack and I don’t want to rely on wifi.

I’ve used some on other distros and OSX, they’re hit and miss really… Some work out of the box, some not even if installing the correct drivers.

I would just get several and then use what works on the Qubes install, then there is a good chance that the others will work on other devices.

Will try testing out the ones I have against Qubes later & report back

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I’ve used a couple and never had any issues. You just need to connect the USB-Ethernet adapter every time to sys-net when the system boot. Which brings me to the questions: Is there a way to automatically and permanently connect an USB-Ethernet adaptor to sys-net, so that I don’t have to do that manually on every boot?

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