Upgrade to 4.1 and a weird error

I am trying to upgrade to 4.1 but I am getting this error:
ERROR: UpdateVM (sys-whonix) should be at least Fedora 30 or Debian 11 template based VM.

I have Fedora 34 and Debian 11 and this error does not make sense to me. any idea what is wrong?

Try to update the dom0 first then update them later.

Thanks everyone,
but I have another issue. after the first issue with upgrading and getting that error message, my network was broken. I had access to internet via sys-net but none of my VM could connect to the network. I decided to restore my last back up and now after restoring it, i have double of each VM including sys-net, sys-firewall, sys-usb and sys-whonix. So basically I have:
sys-net and sys-net1
sys-firewall and sys-firewall1
sys-whonix and sys-whonix1

as well as my own VMs just like these sys VMs.
How can I removed all 1s and use the original sys VMs?

You don’t need to remove them because of network segregation

I just want to thank everyone who help me to upgrade to 4.1.
Now I am on 4.1 and everything are working very well.