Updater: debian-12 no longer supported

I’m getting an odd message in my toolbar from the updater, that debian-12 (my template) and another are based on distributions that are no longer supported… a cat /etc/debian_version says 12.6

What is the output of this command in dom0:

qvm-features debian-12 os-eol


(my computer’s date is correct, i just checked :slight_smile: )

Would you please try this in dom0 and see if the message goes away:

systemctl --user restart qubes-widget@qui-updates.service

unfortunately, the message returned after restarting that service

What is the version of qubes-desktop-linux-manager you have installed? You could find it via this command

dnf info qubes-desktop-linux-manager

Version 4.2.20
Release 1.fc37

Your Qui Widgets are one version behind the current stable. Would you please update dom0 and see if the error goes away after restarting the service (or the system).

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ah, dom0 didn’t prompt me for an update (yet), i’ll do so, thanks!

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There was a fix exactly related to template eol determination in 4.2.23.

There is also also another patch which is merged but is not even in testing. But it concerns deletion of real EOL templates.


that worked, thanks!

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