Update templateVM through vpn-proxy

trying to to update my templateVMs through a vpn-proxy. I tried to configure my “qubes.UpdatesProxy” but it does not seem to work. In my debian-10 template it is showing “Reading from proxy failed - (11: Resources temporarily unavailable) [IP: 8082]”.

It works fine with sys-whonix as proxy.


This suggests you haven’t enabled the proxy in the vpn qube - the service
is tinyproxy
Depending on how you set up the proxy, it’s also possible that your
firewall configuration on the vpn-proxy is blocking traffic to/from
Try enabling the service with qvm-service and see if that works - if
not, you’ll need to provide more information.

Hi unman,

activating “qubes-updates-proxy” did the trick. Thank you for your advice.
Should have thought of that my self - spent like two hours on that issue :frowning: