Understanding "Qubes Updater"

I don’t really understand the process of the qubes updater (the update manager app).

If I don’t start the templates (I have a lot of minimal templates), the updater does not show me the updates (the most of the time, sometimes it shows without starting the template). So just if I start all the templates the updater shows me, that nearly every template has updates to install.

So when and how does the updater check for updates??

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It should check for updates even if you don’t start your templates (AFAIK through AppVMs). Usually works for me, although indeed sometimes it’s for some reason delayed.

See also: How to update | Qubes OS.


It checks, whenever it has time for it… joke
And because you’ll never know, when it will check - I always “check” the boxes for the other templates manually. So for example - if the updater found out, there’s an update for Fedora-34, I open the updater tool and manually check updates for Fedora-34-xfc, Fedora-34-minimal and Fedora-34-pihole also…
Same for Debian templates and also for the Whonix qubes (so whenever updater tells gw-16 needs an update, I manually check update for ws-16 also).

From what I’ve seen, it opportunistically checks updates for a template when an app qube based on it is running.

For example. work qube is based on the fedora-34 template. You’ve been using work today and so while it was running, Qubes checked that work had updates. Therefore it marked its template as having updates.


that’s the point… it delayed a looot!

I also thought about it, but what is then the point of the automatic check??

I also’ve seen that, but as it seems it checks not always… so I thought, what’s the point about that “not always”.

By the way… it’s rather funny if you go to detailes while updating some VMs… there just NO details, just something like “updating the XYZ-VM”. It would be nice really to have some details, just as via terminal.

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