Understanding memory usage?

So I have an appvm that seems to consistently take more memory than it should but I am not sure which source of memory usage I should believe? I normally just use this VM for remmina rdp sessions, and if i leave that running for a day or two it balloons to almost double the mem usage. But trying to figure out how much mem is being used, what (if any) apps I should blame, and how to try to resolve it is unclear to me. Here is a screen shot of the output from different apps (qui-domains, htop, and free)

If the limit is 2 GB, it will get 2 GB, if you have free memory to give. It doesn’t matter how much the VM is using, you told the hypervisor to give the VM X amount of memory.

If you start running out of free memory than you should see the number drop, that is when the hypervisor starts to take memory from the VMs that have free memory they don’t use.

Got it, thanks!