Unable to use Yubikey Static OTP in LUKS

During the setup I enabled disk encryption with LUKS and I used my Yubikey OTP (static passphrase) function as the password to decrypt the volume.

It was working on my first boot, but after that it has stopped working. Now when I plug in my Yubikey it flashes rapidly 6 times. I search what this means and it’s something to do with
an error in the “USB device enumeration process.”

I’ve tested it on my Debian install (in KDE) and it works fine on that laptop and it works fine in my desktop.

Just guessing: you don’t have full USB support till sys-usb starts, and that is on the LUKS encrypted disk/partition. The Yubikey is not a simple HID, and is not properly set up. During the install, due to the different environment, it was set up, and it did work.

That’s weird because the Yubikey is detected as a HID device on every other machine I use, because it sends the OTP as keystrokes.

Would there be any way to get this working in the LUKS decryption environment?