Unable to update dom0 on fresh install of 4.0.4

cat: write error: Broken pipe is harmless. Does qubes-dom0-update (with no arguments) now work?

Yes! see below. Pls confirm that its safe to continue setting this up as a production machine after running sudo qubes-dom0-update --clean qubes-core-dom0-linux qubes-rpm-oxide rpm.

$ sudo qubes-dom0-update
Using sys-firewall as UpdateVM to download updates for Dom0; this may take some time...
Last metadata expiration check: 0:12:55 ago on Wed May 19 21:14:18 2021.
Dependencies resolved.
Nothing to do.

Yes, it is. Please be sure to remove /etc/qubes/disable-rpmcanon if you have not already. I will ping Marek and the rest of the team about a fix.

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Just noticed the cake–happy birthday @Sven!

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From what I can tell, rpm package generation changed slightly (very recently) which might be incompatible with the version of rpm used in a fresh 4.0.4 install. Added some notes to the GitHub issue.

Demi (who is on the official Qubes team) pretty much confirmed we can work around it by upgrading rpm first, then doing a normal update, but let’s wait for an official course of action to follow.

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@Demi thank you very much! It works now.

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For anyone else who runs into this problem: the cause was a bug in RPM package generation in recent versions of qubes-builder-rpm. Upgrading rpm first should work around the problem. Add old-style header+payload signatures by DemiMarie · Pull Request #102 · QubesOS/qubes-builder-rpm · GitHub fixes it.

Honestly, I was not sure what the problem was at the time. Only later did I realize why that would work.

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No problem, thanks for getting to the bottom of it; we appreciate it!

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