Unable to update debian over proxy vpn vm

I’m using the CLI guide to set up the VPN VM, I suspect there’s an issue with the forward rules that restrict apt from communicating through sys-vpn.

Any help to set it up so I could update and install packages is greatly appreciated.

Any particular errors that you get? Which guide are you using?

Hi @observinglynx, when you call apt it will use an update proxy at localhost:8082. Qubes OS will connect this to whatever qube you have specified in your [dom0]/etc/qubes-rpc/policy/qubes.UpdateProxy file. If you haven’t edited it, this will be sys-firewall. Unless you have connected sys-firewall to your VPN qube, your VPN configuration is unlikely to have anything to do with your issue.

If he above is not sufficient to solve your issue, please tell us the error message you are seeing as @fsflover requested and also post the contents of your qubes.UpdateProxy file.

Hi @Sven and @fsflover, I forgot to update but I solved it.
I assigned sys-vpn two services from Qubes Management application.
I can’t exactly remember what they’re called but something to do with updates and proxy.

The only issue I have left now is the DNS resetting every time. I think I have something messed up with it, it points to 10.139.x.x but it doesn’t resolve anything. I’m manually setting mine in the AppVM meanwhile, if you have any experience solving it, let me know and I’ll provide necessary details.

My current setup is like this
Any VM → sys-vpn → sys-firewall → sys-clearnet

Edit: I used the following guide VPN | Qubes Community but I use minimal versions of VMs.

Sorry for another reply, I think I can’t edit a reply older than X hours so this reply is an edit/addition to the previous post.

The two services are called updates-proxy-setup and qubes-updates-proxy. In addition, for the dns issue, I added vpn_dns variable with my choice of dns, in the file /rw/config/vpn/qubes-vpn-handler.sh.

As always, thanks for being a friendly and helpful community, until next time :slight_smile:

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