Unable to start any VM after Fedora-32 update

As the previous post here, I was also surprise how many updates fedora needs,

But the update from today brought something very anoying, the update wen’t wrong, I was not able to see why, and now no more VM based on Fedora is starting, not even management vm.
I was lucky to make an ubuntu vm for a couple of days, so I’m still able to ask for help !

I tried to update dom0 => didn’t help
Starting the update again isn’t working because managemnet vm can’t start
Starting the template vm itself isn’t working either ?

What can I do ?

Can you get the full log? (see here to for instructions to copy text from dom0)

Reinstalling fedora-32

If you haven’t installed anything important on the fedora-32 template probably the easiest way out is to reinstall the template:

Then you can use the little known “Qubes Template Manager” change the templateVM for the required VMs.

Option B: trying to save your fedora-32

I wouldn’t go this way, but if you want to you can try getting updates manually by opening a terminal in the fedora-32 template and running sudo dnf update.

It may be too late if you tried to start the template again, but in general it is possible to restore a previous version of a template, using qvm-volume. If you try to do this, you should start by increasing the number of previous revisions that are kept, so you do not accidentally remove the good one.

Did u update with the stable repo or communtity or sth like it? Maybe if u haven’t u can try to update ur vm from one of this repos and it will be working again. I am running the newest testing updates enabled and for a few days a had equal problems, but it is now working again. Try to boot with an older kernel if it is 5.10x…that makes that errors.