Unable to find my screen shots


After I take a screen shot and I save it, I am unable to find it.
I can’t also find the pictures folder the screen shot was saved to.

Please help.

You can find them in dom0 (Pictures folder). See this: How to copy from dom0 | Qubes OS

Please forgive my ignorance, but I still can’t find this path.
A screen shot with the place where is this folder will help.


  1. Press Alt+F3, print Terminal and choose “Terminal Emullator” in the list (the one that is not connected to any VM, usually the first in the list).
    You opened the dom0 terminal now. Use it to enter the next commands.
  2. Go to the Pictures folder:
    cd ~/Pictures/
  3. Use the command from my above link to copy your screenshots to a VM:
    qvm-copy-to-vm <target_vm> <file>
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I’ll try it thank you :slight_smile: