Unable To Enter SSID

Had to change the SSID on a private WiFi network. Prior to change Qubes was doing fine on the network. Only change make was the SSID and password.
I can create a new WiFI networks but I am unable to make any entry in the properties display after creation.

Any hints/suggestions?

Following up with this issue, Qubes indicates no network device available,. So I shut down Qubes and restated with a Tails USB. No issues. Added the private network SSID/password. Even downloads some Tails/Tor upgrades. So the WiFi is working.

Can someone point me to how to add the WiFi, integrated with the laptop. to Qubes?

Will keep poking around.

You don’t see any networks in the Network Manager → Available networks?
Do you see you wireless interface in the output of ip a command in sys-net?
You can try to check the available networks using this command in sys-net:

sudo iw dev wlsXf0 scan | grep SSID

Change wlsXf0 to the name of your wireless interface in ip a output.

Spent three days on this. Unable to resolve. Resorted to the trusted “Get a bigger hammer” approach. Deleted and reinstalled Qubes. Working. But Can not say the new menu system is a improvement. Preferred to older version.

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