Unable to create Windows 10 VM - Failed to set up a loot a device

I’m trying to set up a Windows 10 VM using this guide https://github.com/Qubes-Community/Contents/blob/master/docs/os/windows/windows-vm41.md

When I try to run a command “qvm-start --cdrom=Social:/home/user/Qubesincoming/DebianUntrusted/Win10_21h2_English_x26.iso WindowsNew”

It returns an error: “Failed to setup loop device for :/home/user/Qubesincoming/DebianUntrusted/Win10_21h2_English_x26.iso”

Also when I try to boot a Windows 10 iso from advanced settings used boot from cd rom button, it says: “Failed to start… not enough memory”

I am running Lenovo Thinkpad x260 with 8gb ram, otherwise I followed all the steps from the guide above. Is it a hardware problem or can it be fixed software wise?


Can someone help me? I am still having this problem.

But did you give enough RAM to the VM?

I did run commands as described in tutorial to increase ram.

qvm-prefs WindowsNew memory 4096
qvm-prefs WindowsNew maxmem 4096