Ubuntu hvm video resolution didn't take

So I have followed this post on how to increase my “Ubuntu hvm” as it is only 600x800…rebooted the hvm and it is still only 600x800.

So upon rebooting I look at the display manager in my “Ubuntu hvm” it state’s…

Only resolution it has is 600x800 60hz and nothing else.

-Is there a gpx drive I need to install in my Ubuntu hvm?

-Is there a qubes exe package I need to install in the hvm?

Basically this hvm at 600x800 is way to small to even use

The hole process looks straight forward but it didn’t work…

I am a little lost as to why it didn’t take.

I’ve created new clean HVM, booted latest Live Ubuntu 22.04 ISO and I could change resolution without any problem there.
I didn’t make any changes described in your link.

Well Idk what I did wrong. Maybe I am miss understanding something…

I’ve just created new StandaloneVM, set it’s mode to HVM, disabled memory balancing, set kernel to ‘’ and when I boot with Ubuntu ISO it works fine.
How did you create and configured your VM?

I created “StandaloneHVM” iso the same way I have made all my other HVM’s and resolution work fine. It’s just this one that for some reason is only 600x800 and I can’t change it to what I want which would be 1600x900,as I can for all other hvm’s I have. And this hvm only gives me the resolution in the display manager show just that is my only option. Also in terminal when I check “xrandr” it states just that option as well…600x800

So I have deleted this hvm and will try installing it againg. Maybe I missed some option when installing it from the iso.

-I am using a Ubuntu based distro… TSURUGI Linux [LAB].

As stated here by “unman” you have force resolution for this too work, if I understand this right…

So any help would be awesome, cause I can’t get the resolution to change…

In my exoerience, Ubuntu HVM can be resized out of the box, with no
special treatment, and no special options.
Let us know how you get on the next time.

@unman will do, I will rebuild it and let all you guys know…

Ok, sorry guys for being so late in coming back. I had router issues and had to rebuild my home network. Took me a few days but finally done.

Anyway after rebuilding from iso, and following the…

My Tsurugi-lab hvm still won’t resize, stuck @ 640x800.

Should I su into root?
Cause I am using sudo.

Something not right here.
When in terminal I type
xrandr to list my resolutions for this hvm.
It only shows one…


Something isn’t right here …Ubuntu HVM can be resized out of the box, with no
special treatment, and no special options.

This version of TSURUGI-lab only list one resolution