Typo on Website "duRckduckgo"

Speaking of the Qubes website, it looks like I can still search it using DurckDuckGo:

It’s minor and inconsequential, but some juvenile part of me finds it amusing and wanted to share


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People can find this at the bottom of the website. It’s useful for searching the docs, for example. But I find that it is not very discoverable since it’s at the bottom.

All it does is search on duckduckgo with site:qubes-os.org <query> which shows only results for the Qubes OS website.

@deeplow I think the “finds it amusing” was directed at the typo :wink:



LOL. My bad. Sometimes with forum maintenance one is just in autopilot :sweat_smile:. Sorry.

@fiftyfourthparallel do you want to fix that on the website or should I? (all is needed is to edit this line)


It’s all good.

Part of me wants to fix things by making it “durckdurckgo”, so you probably don’t want me editing stuff.

Haha. Fair enough. Done: