Trying to overwrite Qubes with Windows 10

Tried to Boot USB with a Windows 10 iso made by Windows 10 media creation tool, but it won’t let me overwrite the partition Qubes is installed on, as the partition is not formatted as NTFS, “the partition is of an unrecognised type”. Does Qubes need to be formatted to NTFS to install Windows? How do I do that?

Note that this question is not QubesOS-specific.


The following commands may lead to loss of data. Use them only if you understand what you’re doing and the risks involved. Double check that you select the correct device. A backup may be recommended. I’m not responsible for any damage/loss caused by the following suggestion.

Run the following commands on any linux distro:

Locate the correct DEVICE with lsblk.

To destroy the partition table:

$ sudo sgdisk --zap-all /dev/DEVICE
$ sudo sgdisk --clear /dev/DEVICE

To wipe the file system:

$ sudo wipefs -a /dev/DEVICE

Alternatively, if you are more comfortable with GUI, run gparted and destroy the partition from there.