Trying to install Qubes on a Lenovo Legion 5, trackpad won't work

Hi. I am trying to make the switch from Mac OS. I just purchased a Lenovo Legion 5 “gaming” laptop that came with windows 10 and it meets the specs for Qubes. I created a DD Qubes OS USB, and have managed to get to the install scren by enabling legacy mode on the Legion 5. But I can’t use the trackpad and have been unable to progress in the installation. Can anyone help?

thanks so much.

@praksess: why not just plug an USB mouse for the installation?

Happened for me too, and this also happens on a debian buster install. Probably because the installation is optimized for PS/2 input. If you don’t have access to an external mouse, try using the tab key? That would let you move through the buttons.

How far has anyone gotten trying to install Qubes on a Lenovo Legion 5P?

The hardware is a Ryzen 7 4800H with an integrated Radeon RX Vega 7 integrated graphics card and a NVIDIA RTX 2060 GPU.

I dual boot Windows and Pop OS! at the moment and plan to replace Pop OS! with Qubes for working (everything except playing games).