Troubleshooting Crashing Apps?

If an app installs without errors, then crashes when starting the app, where do you start trying to figure out what’s causing it to crash?

Look for the log.

What application is it (if you can share that).

Try to start it in verbose mode to get more data. Syslog of the qube may be a good place to find stuff too.

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Try “qvm-run -p AppVM appname” so you can see what errors are being emitted during the crash. It’s likely there will be an error message or a stack trace that will make the problem clear.

If that does not help then open a terminal in that VM and run it from the command line. You can add systrace there to watch all system calls from the app to see what it is doing when it crashes.

As a last resort try gdb, but you will only get to see the assembly unless you download the source code and possibly build your own binary with debugging turned on. If you are not afraid to really get your hands dirty try ghidra to explore the binary.

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