Trouble with installing Qubes4.0.4

When I try to install it, it shows a bunch of text with " Xen is relinquishing VGA console" at the bottom the just shows a black screen.
After that I look at and tried UEFI and Nvidia troubleshooting, but I have a problem with editing both the bootable usb and .iso as they are both read only.
I tried creating the bootable usb with rufus, balenaEtcher, and dd in ubuntu. All read only and all don’t work.
I tried losetup and mount then editing BOOTX64.cfg as root, doesn’t work. I tried to remount the usb as rw, still doesn’t work. I can’t seem to get the bootable usb or iso to be writable.
Instead of dd, I tried iso in win10 with rufus, which lets me edit the files, but I run into a different wall of text instead with “Attached SCSI removeable device” at the bottom.
In the past, I was able to install Qubes. I tried Qubes 4.1 and it I was able to get to the install screen. Should I just install 4.1, even tho it just came out and is still in testing? Any idea how I can write to the bootable usb?

try it, it rc now so it quite stable

Should I just install 4.1, even tho it just came out and is still in testing?

To answer one of your questions, Qubes R4.1.0-rc1 is in the release candidate stage, which means that no new features are added and the focus is on bug fixing. This means that the release candidate may be more stable than before but may still be less stable than the current stable release. If you rely on Qubes for important work, it would be better to try to resolve the issue with Qubes R4.0, otherwise Qubes R4.1 should be stable enough for most daily tasks and you can also contribute to the testing.

Got it, I’ll give 4.1 a try. Thanks. Tho I am curious as to why I have trouble writing to the iso or USB as root but others don’t

oh, i didn’t read carefully
have you try redownload the iso?

I download it once in windows and a second one in linux. Both didn’t work. I was able to install Qubes 4.1 just now so that’s good.