Trouble installing on Tuxedo XP14

Hello, could you please tell me how you resolved the ACPI processor issue?
I have the latest generation Tuxedo XP14 and I am trying to install Qubes but the USB bootloader won’t run, I think it is because of the ACPI.
Many thanks.

The ACPI processor issue is something that, for me, slowed down the whole system to a great degree but I was able to install it without any issues. You’d do that in the dom0 terminal so you’d have to have qubes installed already. Could you post the output leading to your issue?

Thanks for your assistance, it is much appreciated.
Firstly the USB boot stick has no issues, it booted fine on my old Macbook, also I am quite new to Linux so please try to bear with me, I have a lot to learn.
It is very difficult, what happens when I select the USB to load from about two screen fulls of text pop up and I have a few seconds to try and read through it before the system reboots, I am not sure if it is possible to capture this text.
I did manage to read a bit of relevant text which is why I think it is an issue with the ACPI:

Panic on CPU 0
AIPC + Timer does not exist, try rebooting with option ‘noaipc’

Hope this helps…

Sorry ACPI not AIPC

What version of qubes did you try to install? the beta version of 4.1 did the job for me…
I’d also suggest you take a photo of the screen so that the error message can be seen properly

Hi @Cubester, I moved your part of the conversation out of the HCL thread for the other unrelated Tuxedo model. Just to keep things clean. Your new thread is now under “User Support” where it belongs.

Welcome to the Qubes OS community and good luck with your install issue!

Okay thanks, sorry about that

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Great, I was using the previous version because it was the stable one, I didn’t think to try the new version because it is still in beta, I now have Qubes running on my laptop!
Can you please quickly describe what you did to resoovle the ACPI processor issue?

Now you’ll have to open a terminal in dom0 and type sudo modprobe xen-acpi-processor. Additional ressources (you should never run any command in dom0 without fully understanding it):

Have a nice day and good luck on your further Qubes-journey :slight_smile:

Many thanks for helping me to get things going, I have been out of the community for a few days while I got to know the basics of Qubes and got everything up and running.
@Sven if you would like to let me know what to do I can run the tests and we can add the XP14 to the compatibility list?
So far I can relay the following: Version 4.1 will install on this hardware but previous versions will not, the issue with suspend does seem to be present here, when it goes into suspend mode it completely locks up and the only way to proceed is to physically power the machine down.
Also I proceeded with the instructions as above and it made no discernable difference to the speed, so I am guessing this model does not have that issue.
One quick question if you don’t mind, I didin’t think this was worth raising a new issue for, is it possible to change the grub bootloader background image, all the methods I would normally use result in ‘permission denied’?

Hey, you can simply generate a HCL by typing qubes-hcl-report into a dom0 terminal. Then you should open up a new thread in the HCL category and upload the generated report. For changing the bootloader image I think sudo permissions should suffice (I guess?) but you can look around in the forum to find some tips. I never needed to change my boot screen but I definitely remember it being mentioned somewhere.


@Sven if you would like to let me know what to do I can run the tests and we can add the XP14 to the compatibility list?

Yes, please follow these instructions.