Trouble connecting qubes 4.1 to wifi

I recently downloaded qubes 4.1 on my new laptop and have been able to figure out most of the kinks but can’t seem to find out how to get the WiFi working I followed

But they are not using qubes 4.1 and their is no settings in the sys-net applications. So for the last couple days I have been trying to set up wifi through network configurations under sys-net I connected wifi, password and it won’t connect still so I thought maybe it needed the bssid typed that in also and it still won’t work. I’m curious if I’m in the completely wrong place or what I’m doing wrong all my networking seems to be correct also.
anon-whonix → sys-whonix → sys-firewall → sys-net → (none)

And from what I can see I get IP address’s from both of them. Can anyone help me out a ton? Thank you

I dont know what you mean by “I get IP address from both of them”.

In sys-net, is the WiFi NIC correctly identified?
What is the result of iwconfig?
Are there any entries in journalctl relating to the WiFi adapter?

It sounds as if you can see the AP in Network Manager, can connect to
it, and enter your password. What happens then?
What does “Connection information” show you in the Network manager
applet - Right click on the NM icon.

I can see the WiFi nic in sys-net correctly
But when I try to iwconfig it says command not found. As far as journalctl I do not see anything that is relating to the WiFi adapter. Also I can’t see anything in the network manager to connect to . I right click on it click “edit connections” then it takes me to network connections where I try to add WiFi but it won’t work. I don’t see any WiFi connections to simply click on and just type a password in if that’s what you mean.

I assume that you mean by " I can see the WiFi nic in sys-net correctly"
that you can connect the NIC in the qube settings. If this isn’t what you
meant can you explain?
Everything else suggests that you don’t have the right drivers for the
NIC you are using.
What is the NIC?
What template are you using for sys-net?
Have you tried using a different template ?

My bad for the confusion what I meant by I can correctly see the WiFi nic is that. When I go in sys-net qube settings then go over to devices I see my WiFi network controller by intel as the only thing under selected.
The laptop I’m using has an “ Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX201 802.11AX (2 x 2) & Bluetooth® 5.2”

My current template for Sys-net is Debian 11. And as far as using different templates I have tried copying sys-net then changes the template to fedora-34 and I can get the network manager icon to show for the fedora-34 sys-net