Trezor T on Qubes OS 4.1

Hi all. Faced this problem, switched from 4.0 to 4.1 (fresh install) and can not connect trezor t. I followed the official instructions, which on 4.0 works without problems, however when I did everything on 4.1, in trezor suit writes that the bridge is not installed. What could have changed in 4.1 that now the instructions don’t work and how can I fix it? Qubes OS - Trezor Wiki

A couple of things: the instructions say usb-sys, but since I use a usb modem, it connects to sys-net, so I replaced usb-sys with sys-net at all points. I also installed everything on a clean template after installing 4.1, but the os on which trezor suit is installed I transferred from 4.0 backup.
I checked if the bridge in sys-net works - yes. However, it is not relayed to the qube where the trezor suit is

I think it might be an issue with the USB controllers. you might need to have a seperate usb controller assigned to that specific qube. Some laptops have 2 some dont so you need to check that.

I could be totally wrong, just a guess.