Toughbook 55 compatibility

I’m looking to purchase the Toughbook 55, with the following specifications:

Graphics: ntel UHD Graphics 620
Processor: Intel Core i5-8365

The processor has Intel VT-x and Intel VT-d which satisfies the technologies required on the system requirements page, and it also has a integrated graphics. I’ll likelly install 32GB RAM, so as far as the system requirements it should work, but I see there’s a hardware compatibility list.

Has anyone got this device working with Qubes? I don’t want to buy it, and find out I can’t use it with Qubes.

You can look for a similar hardware in the link for a guess, but there can be no guarantee until someone tries it.

If you buy online from someone selling laptops they should be OK with running the install process to check, up until formatting disks.

Should work at least with ethernet if it reaches that stage. But no guarantees of course!