TorVM is it Possible?

Hi all! Semi-new user to Qubes so please mind the noobiness. So I’ve been looking for a feature that I swore up and down that Qubes had by default but maybe I was completely mistaken. What I was looking for in particular was a way to route the TOR network through a networking VM for a certain domain. So for example lets say Personal domain for instance is running I would want all of the networking in said Domain to run through the TOR network. Is this possible? I did think for a short while that the sys-whonix networking VM would provide TOR throughout the entire domains networking and all the AppVM’s I had within that domain… But it didn’t seem like my IP was changing which was weird cause the TOR Checker website said “My browser was setup and ready to use TOR” which It wasn’t my IP wasn’t changing and I definitely couldn’t connect to .onion links. Does Qubes OS offer this in anyway? Am I making some sort of silly mistake. This is a very important feature to me so it’d be extremely useful to have assuming Qubes supports it. I deeply appreciate anyone who responds, Thank you so much!

Hi @kimsangun, welcome to the Community!

You should be able to achieve this by choosing sys-whonix as “netVM” for Personal qube. It should change the IP of the qube, but beware that fingerprinting and other things will likely break your anonymity. See also: Frequently asked questions (FAQ) | Qubes OS.

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