Torified Wireless or usb tether to mobile device,

I want to be able to provide a fully torified or vpn configured network from my qubes computer to a connected mobile device either through a usb tether type connection or through a wireless network .

Either a vm with a vpn configured which provides network to my mobile device

or sys whonix or connected vm which provides network to my mobile device.

If this is possible how could i go about achieving it ?

Thank you in advance.,

Easiest to do this with a standalone.
Create a qube and set netvm to a vpn or Tor qube, sys-vpn or sys-whonix.
Attach the wireless adapter to the new qube.

Configure the new qube as a router - many guides are available online -
search for “wireless access point Debian”
Start the qube, connect to the new access point from other wireless

If you need help, set out what you have done, with what success/failure, and
we’ll try to help.

I’ve not had success with tethering, and there’s an open issue asking
for support for it.

Cheers unman. i will test and report back… Thanks