Tor problem

İm getting this error

what does systemctl status tor@default.service and journalctl -xe say? :wink:

For this just open a terminal in the VM and write those two commands, respectively with sudo in front of them.


I didnt understand a thing from terminal messages that came up

thats ok - can you please paste them here? We can help you to decypher them :wink: Please paste the complete output.

journalctl one will show you all logs of the VM - preferably try to start tor and then paste us the output directly after.

ChatGPT is getting good at understanding those too.

Did you change the tor config?

Did you directly use the whonix template? The title seems to indicate that. Whonix blocks starting it that way.

I didn’t notice at first, but you’re running the Anon Connection Wizard in the whonix-gateway-17 template instead of sys-whonix qube based on this template.
Don’t run apps in the templates, run them in the app qubes based on the templates.

You need time, practice and knowledge. Maybe you’ll never get it.
Here is a little Super-Secret exercise I devised just for you, so you can feel special.
Create new Qube a Standalone VM based on WN-gateway and call it Tor-Router.
Clone sys-net into sys-tor. Eliminate the hardware from sys-tor, make it based on Tor-Router and connect it to sys-firewall.

Start sys-tor and should be similar to sys-whonix. You are ready to jailbreak whonix-gateway and move to tor server with GPS time. Good luck! Bother Pee Schvantze next time on the Whonix Forum.