Tool: Simple Set-up of New Qubes and Software

cool work, as a new linux user the biggest hurdle by far is all the terminal work. Luckily i already have a foundation under me of HTML/CSS etc. so using script and learning it isnt an automatic mind fk. However for most people it will be, the biggest hurdle to get a lot more people on linux is making ALL the normal day to day functions people may want to do easily done through a GUI. I know the linux community likely isn’t as focused on that as using terminal etc. is part of the networking/management fun of linux. Hopefully one day linux will be the gamer OS of choice (thanks for steam and proton that reality is coming faster than it was) but even steam OS takes more than a lot of normal people are willing to invest into an OS even just for games. Forums are full of people who switched to windows devices because they “couldnt figure it out” and thats only a small handfull of stuff to learn in a very niche use case. When it comes to a full everyday use linux OS the amount of stuff is quite daunting. I’m not sure if a full GUI OS would be something that would be suitable for Qubes or not as i don’t know how much vulnerability is added by all the extra code/modifications for the interfaces and how it would effect the attack surface but it sure would be nice!

@unman any status on this for our QubesOS users?

I haven’t announced it yet, but the repo for 4.2 is well populated
already. Perhaps this is the announcement.
I’ll post something more detailed once I’ve finished the Mullvad