"tmp squashfs (deleted)" message on startup?

hello. I get this message. tmp/Squash-fs (deleted) or something like that… Why is this? I don’t get in on another machine with qubes.
Also… When i boot the laptop i get this error that says something like… system ctl maybe? Cant remember now… Some load kernel mode error i think. Why is that?

If anyone knows a fix. Thanks

Where exactly are you getting the messages? It’s very hard to help you without knowing more details. What is the Qubes OS version? Did you install all updates? An actual log would also be very helpful.

Perhaps it may be related to snap in a template. I got a similar message after I started using an ubuntu-focal template.

Yes, you see this with Ubuntu, and some snaps. It isn’t a problem.
Similarly the “error” message about loading kernel modules isn’t an error

  • it’s a warning - if you check the message and do what it says then you
    will see that the kernel modules are loaded correctly.
    Neither of these to be worried about, and no fix required.