Tired of glare and eye strain

I use my (fedora “firefox” & whonix TOR browser) “disp vm’s” a lot at night with my room dark. The problem is the bright white browser’s. Now i know that i can’t add/install any dark extensions or plugins, cause as soon as i close (fedora “firefox” & whonix TOR browser) “disp vm’s” everything is deleted and nothing is saved, which i like.

So is there anyway to make both (fedora “firefox” & whonix TOR browser) “disp vm’s” dark/dark web pages and it stays??
I am tired of the glare and eye strain at night and in the dark

I asked a similar question here about night shift. When everything’s orange and less bright it makes the white easier.

Depending on your use case for a disposable firefox, you can consider installing an extension. Since your IP with firefox is revealed, as is screen size, and other things that vanilla firefox might not hide, fingerprinting and tracking is much easier. Installing an extension probably wouldn’t be the difference between an anonymous fingerprint and a unique one. In Tor Browser it would, since Tor does much more to protect against fingerprinting.

Also if you view bright white PDFs you can use the zathura pdf viewer, and press Ctrl+R (IIRC) to invert the white background and black text.

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Hi @B_ryr, you are basically asking how to add permanent configurations (like dark reader add-on) to your whonix-ws dispVM. Similar questions get asked here all the time. The answer is always: look at the whonix wiki.

Closing this thread to avoid duplication. Feel free to continue asking questions in one of the existing threads.