Tiling and focus stealing in Qubes Whonix: Is it possible? What are the risks?

Tiling and Focus Stealing

(Haven’t used qubes yet). In particular for only the whinox template (but could be an questions for templates in general). Is it safe to use more then one whinox vm at once, if it is safe how do you guys go about putting them side by side (tiling) safely. Another question that can go along with this aswell, how can focus stealing be prevent in the qubes whinox template between vms

I ask this because I want to be able to safely use multiple vms if it doesn’t put me at risk. I don’t want identities to mix.

This looks more like a Whonix question than Qubes one. It’s recommended to ask such question on the Whonix forum. This is probably the answer you are looking for: Multiple Whonix-Workstation ™.

Also this:

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(made title a bit more descriptive)

Not a security control by any means but you do know you can increase the number of workspaces (which default to four) and keyboard navigate between them?

I generally don’t like having multiple contexts on the screen at the same time, so I set my default to 16 workspaces so that I can spread out activities. And Ctrl-alt left/right to move between them, ctrl-alt home/end to move windows. By default new windows appear where you are so, again, xfce workspaces are not a security control, move stuff to where it needs to be or use add-on tools/configs that tell your window manager to enforce certain VM windows to certain workspaces.

Summary: workspaces do help a bit with inadvertent keying into the wrong security context.

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Please note mainly asking this question because I’m looking how to safely input passwords for an offline vault vm to another vm where I will need to input the password.

My bad I though that an vm and an workstation or workspaces were two different things, now I understand they are one in the same. And someone else had referred me to ask the question here aswell.

By bad lol you guys gone have to dumb it dow. For me. Just have used never qubes yet.

Does doing what you explain above “Brendanhoar” Eliminate the possibility of focus stealing and the best way to safely use multiple vms?

What you have said My understanding is that you are having 1 vm per workspace/ workstation, is that true? An example of this would be having chrome and Firefox on your phone and having 1 tab on each browser, then you switch between.

Last I checked, resizing the Tor Browser window results in a more unique fingerprint, so be careful with that.