ThinkPad Old Docking Stations - Need Support

Hello all, I am an owner of a ThinkPad w530. I recently bought a docking station for it: see here

ThinkPad Mini-Dock Plus Series 3 USB 3.0

I am resting my device on the docking station and nothing but power is getting sent through. I wonder, do I have to try and find docking station drivers for the sys-usb? I doubt they have been ported to linux sadly. I fear I have made a mistake in my purchase.

Thank you all,

Edit 1: The power button on it also works, but considering I imagine the power of the device and the power button to be simple, I am just writing it down for note.

Edit 2: Clarification, I am trying to mainly use this for display output AND USB. I do not know if display goes over sys-usb. Please inform me if you can.

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