There should be a Discord for help

There should be a Discord server for Qubes OS where people can easily ask for help and get quick replies. Also would allow to go more in depth with the problems and solutions because communication would be quick and you could show everything on there.

If yall need I can help you set it up even

Edit: I’ve been making posts for help for a little bit now and it can take very long to solve a simple problem because you have to reply back and forth on a Forum post whereas in a chatroom on Discord things like this usually go way quicker and you don’t feel limited in what you can type/show.

As far as i can tell, most people here have particular interest in security, privacy, anonymity and free and open source software.

Discord is somewhere between a “not preferred” to “not gonna happen ever” platform for people with these interests for a plethora of reason.

If you need something like “real time support” there is an unofficial matrix channel.

However: As far as i am concerned, discourse as a platform does not limit the speed of communication by much. One can have a near real time conversation in forum threads here without problems. Maybe the limiting factor to response speed is how small the community (still) is.

Of course you are free to create an unofficial QubesOS discord.


Yeah I agree I was told the same thing under my Reddit post on r/Qubes. It’s about how serious you take your privacy. For me personally I have a Windows computer where I’m on Discord and other platforms, and then a separate Qubes laptop for when I need privacy.

There is IRC on (reachable with Matrix).