Testing team - how to deal with in Forum

But what about the risk related to stability mentioned by @adw? Shouldn’t it be mentioned?

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Perhaps we could add “stability” in the following statement?

If security and stability is crucial to you, you should use the current stable release,
not enable the testing repositories, and not join the testing team.

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I’ll wait until this is settled before proceeding with the email announcement.

Ok. Btw, you’re fine with the inclusion of “stability” in that statement, right? Since you proposed something similar. I’m guessing it’s non-controversial, but just wanted to check.

Other than that everything seems to be working find and ready.

Yes. If anything, I would say more (as I did above), but I have no objection to your proposed phrasing.

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This is good for me.

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Sent to mailing lists.

Definitely not. As it states here, qubes-announce is only for QSBs, new stable releases, and EOL notices. We have to be very strict about this, or else people who wanted a low-volume list will leave. The whole point of qubes-announce is to deliver only about the most absolutely critical announcements, so it loses its reason for existence if we deviate from that.

I did, however, send it to qubes-devel, qubes-users, qubes-testers, and qubes-project. Of course, approximately 0.2 seconds after hitting “send,” I realized that I forgot to specify a reply-to address, so now I’m just waiting for someone to reply-all to four different mailing lists… :man_facepalming:


I think the testing team could be mentioned in this page to get some more attention.

Good idea. Added:

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